Template: Risk Register (EN)

This template can be used to record risks and their management. The list of risks is created at the beginning of project initiation. Many methods, including brainstorming, Delphi method, expert knowledge, analysis of the causes and consequences (root cause analysis), sample lists of risks, assumptions analysis, SWOT analysis, Ishikawa diagram and more, can be used to create it.We recommend to update the risk lists to a minimum of 1 x 14 days


  • Risk area

Fill in the risk area from listed areas

  • Risk description

An explicit and specific risk description (indicate lack of analysts rather than the lack of resources for the project)

  • Risk consequences

Verbal description of the risk impact on the project (time, price, quality)

  • Probability

What is the probability of risk on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 very low, 5 very high)

  • Impact

What is the impact of risk on the project on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 very low, 5 very high)

  • Severity

Total cogency of the risk. It is calculated by multiplying the impact and probability. The higher the value means the greater total severity of the risk.

  • Owner

The specific person responsible for dealing with risk

  • Strategy

The choice of procedure for the risk offered on the list (mitigation, acceptance, transfer, avoidance)

  • Strategy plan

Verbal description of the procedure to handle risk

  • Trigger

Expected time of occurrence precisely indicates when the risks (threats) becomes a real problem

  • Contingency plan

Plan what to do when the risk becomes a problem


Periodically update the risk register due to their evolution during the project life cycle.

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