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  • Online Self-study (Incl. The ExamTrainer)
  • AgilePM Foundation Exam (online)
  • License Fees
  • Exam guarantee

With the AgilePM Foundation Online Self-study it is possible to study at your own pace, when it suits you. The tutorial includes the online Agile Project Management Handbook, many videos and exercises to help you master the material. The tutorial also contains the popular ExamTrainer with which you can practice extensively with questions as you can expect on your exam. Furthermore, the self-study keeps track of your study results so that you can determine based on these results what you still need to do to be ready for your exam.

Prerequisites and study load:

For this self-study we recommend HBO work and thinking level. In addition to completing the self-study, which takes approximately 16 hours, a time investment of between 10 and 15 hours must be considered for preparing for the exam.

The training is intended for anyone who has to deal with projects within an organization and where various teams (want to) deliver products in an Agile way.

You can think of project managers and employees, but certainly also clients and advisers.

After the Online Self-study:

  • you know the structure of an agile project life cycle;
  • you know how to manage and control an agile project;
  • you know the processes and products needed to bring an agile project to a successful conclusion;
  • you know the roles and responsibilities within an agile project and what their tasks are;
  • you are able to pass the AgilePM Foundation exam.

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