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In just a few months you will learn, at your own pace, the PRINCE2® method to apply. This Lagant Online Tutorial is officially accredited by PeopleCert. We have ensured that you can go through this training efficiently and practically. You learn to apply the PRINCE2® methodology directly in your work.

The following topics are covered in the PRINCE2® Online Self-study:

  • An organized and controlled start of projects. By planning and organizing.
  • Keep projects organized and controlled.
  • Manage a controlled closure of projects.
  • The processes of the PRINCE2® method.

For this training we recommend HBO work and thinking level.
For the preparation for the exam, a time investment should be counted between 30 and 50 hours.

This PRINCE2® Online Self-study at HBO level is suitable for everyone. Whether you are a project employee, project manager or (prospective) project manager. Specific experience in project management is not necessary, but if you already have some basic knowledge of project-based working, this does offer advantages. Do you want to apply the PRINCE2® method with the entire department? Then contact us for a tailor-made process!

After this PRINCE2® Online Self-study you have an independent view on the progress of a project. You know how to apply the PRINCE2® method. You start projects thoroughly and in a controlled manner. You know how to form the right team around you and make everyone enthusiastic.

You are then able to:

  • Manage risk and quality and control changes in a project.
  • Involve the right people in your project.
  • Keep projects controlled and organized for the best qualitative results.
  • To pass it PRINCE2® exam.

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