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  • Online Tutorial
  • ExamTrainer®
  • PRINCE2 Practitioner exam
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With the PRINCE2 Practitioner Online Self-study it is possible to study at your own pace, when it suits you. The tutorial includes the full PRINCE2 Compact e-book, many videos and exercises to help you master the material. The tutorial also contains the popular ExamTrainer with which you can practice extensively with questions that you can expect on your exam. The self-study also keeps track of your study results so that you can determine what you still need to do to be ready for your exam based on these results.

For this training we recommend HBO work and thinking level. You must have obtained the PRINCE2 Foundation certificate.
For the preparation for the exam, a time investment should be counted between 30 and 50 hours.

The self-study is suitable for anyone who, after PRINCE2 Foundation, wants to delve further into the application of project management and PRINCE2. Experience as a project leader is expected from the participants. To participate in the exam, participants must have passed the PRINCE2 Foundation exam.

The PRINCE2 Practitioner training is aimed at applying PRINCE2. You will gain a clearer understanding of the relationships between the principles, themes and processes of the method. The training offers more tools for applying PRINCE2 in practice.

This training leads to:

  • Deepened insight into project-based working and project management;
  • Knowledge of the PRINCE2 methodology up to Practitioner level;
  • Proficiency in applying PRINCE2;
  • Being able to obtain the PRINCE2 Practitioner certificate.

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