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We do not overly rely on formality, however we pride ourselves in the professionality and added value of our services towards our 3 C’s - our Contractors, Clients and our Community.

Right now we are going through a period of significant growth and as the demand for our services continues to rise we are looking to strengthen our Recruitment team and bring in a new team mate who will be be keen and able to:

  • hit the ground running
  • get fairly rewarded for their time and effort
  • have some fun along the way

Why should you be interested?

Working with a Community

  • Yes, we are recruiters...but no, we do not spend our days on LinkedIN sending messages.
  • Instead we put emphasis on building a Community of freelance professionals in our market niche.
  • We prefer quality, exclusivity and common sense over high volume and daily KPI’s.

Professional Development as a must

  • We will encourage and motivate you in your professional development so that you can quickly master the Recruitment trade.
  • You will also learn the ins and outs of Project Management, Business Analysis or UX as you go on.

Company Culture

  • We expect you to have your say about Projectman and how we do thing plus bring your ideas to the table.
  • We offer freedom and flexibility and we like to not take our work home at the end of the day.

Motivating remuneration scheme

  • You can expect to reach CZK 100K+ per month within the first year.

Great, but...what will you actually spend your time on?

  • Rather than endless LinkedIN searching, you’ll learn to utilize our community, database and network contacts (and perhaps build your own network as well) and match the best available talent to the requirements of our clients.
  • You will communicate, build rapport, interview and negotiate with prospective candidates.
  • Create engaging candidate profiles and guide the candidates through the selection process with the client.
  • Once the match is made and the deal is closed, you will coordinate with our Back Office team to facilitate the smoothest on-boarding process possible.
  • You will also look after our current contractors and their well-being while on the job.
  • If you like the spice your day up with some Sales and BD activity, you can do that too.

What you’ll need to get started?

  • Solid understanding and/or previous experience in Recruitment/Talent Acquisition function.
  • Energy, drive, perseverance and a dash of entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Desire to build your expertise in the field of Project Management, Business Analysis or UX in order to be able to talk shop with both candidates and clients.
  • Strong communication and rapport-building skills with the ability to build long-term positive professional relationships.
  • Fluent Czech and English language, ability to create engaging candidate presentations (copywriting enthusiasts welcome).
  • Motivation and desire to grow your professional network and turn it into a lucrative revenue stream.

What next?

Fill out and send us the form – let us know about you. Write us a few sentences about yourself and attach what do you think will excite us! We will be glad if you share with us, what you enjoy and what is your plan for the near future.

We are looking forward to meeting you in person!

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