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How it all began…


Petr Janiš,, an experienced project manager and PMO is impressed by the level professionality he experienced at project managers and vendor services in Great Britain. Back in the Czech Republic he sees a gap in project management resources and starts building a platform that encompasses valid information and real professionals to successfully manage projects & changes. Soon projectman.cz comes to life as a marketplace for project management services. 

A year later Petr Veselý joins Projectman.

...10 years later:

The heart of Projectman is completed by the third company partner Jiří Tonar, and the core team, who is working around the clock to ensure the necessary support to more than 50 contractors working for our clients.

Projectman’s main deliverables include:

  • Outsourcing of selected roles
  • Consultancy
  • Trainings

And we continuously contribute to better project management as

  • we share our know-how
  • we leverage new approach and methods to Czech market
  • we are speakers on conferences
  • we cooperate with communities and schools
  • we conduct professional workshops and meet-ups 

And where will we meet you?

Let us know what interests you. Reach out to us at info@projectman.cz  and we can discuss it over a cup of great coffee in our office at Anděl - Prague 5

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