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Acceptance is the customer’s legal act, by which he certifies the completion of the work or part of the work and its accuracy and quality, except for those mentioned in the protocol.

The customer checked or will control the quality of submitted work or part thereof prior to accepting, and submits a list of defects.

The contractor completes the removal deadline of those reservations. The complaints are usually classified by severity, referred in the Contract for work, for example:

  • A - very serious defect which hinders the operation works,
  • B - defect preventing the use of the work,
  • C – other defect non-preventing operation.

The contract should also state, what is the maximum number of defects allowed for the acceptance with reservations. If the work contains a greater number of defects, the work is not accepted and is returned to the contractor for completion.

Finally, the parties confirm the result of acceptance (accepted (no defect work), subject accepted, not accepted) due to the conditions specified in the contract between the contractor and the customer.

If the parties disagree on the defects, their classification or work acceptance, they write reports stating the views of both parties.

This record will be used for further negotiations on the results of acceptance or judicial settlement.


The Acceptance Protocol is a documentary legal act by the client (customer), who hereby confirms the completion of the work or part of the work and its correctness and quality, with the exception of the reservations stated in the protocol.

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