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It is submitted by the Business Case owner to the sponsor, who decides on this basis whether to finance the project or not. It is compiled in the start-up phase of the project and is evaluated when it is closed. The internal business case emphasizes more the strategic benefits for the organization than the purely financial side.


  • Project's sponzor and its basic contact details
    • Name
    • Phone
    • Email
  • Date of submission of the case
  • Document status - selection from "Preliminary", "Working" and "Final"
  • Project summary - shortly describe your project
  • Project benefits - describe the benefits of the project and WHY it should be realized
  • Links of the project to other activities or projects
  • Description of the proposed solution
  • Alternatives considered
  • Estimated costs - complete the basic calculation or a link to the calculation.
  • Cost estimates accuracy in %.
  • Estimated time to complete and frame time plan - state the date, or key milestones, or a reference to the project plan, if it already exists.
  • Time estimation accuracy in %
  • Anticipated tangible benefits
  • Anticipated nontangible benefits
  • Financial sensitivity of expected benefits and market analysis.
  • Strategic alignment of the project - describe how the project follows the strategy of the organization, or how it implements individual strategic initiatives.
  • Is project mission critical? Also add reasons.
  • Project risks in the form of a basic overview with the possibility of replacement by a separate list of risks.
  • How will benefits be measured - complete specific success metrics. including the framework of measurement stock.
  • Post-project operational and maintenance costs


Avoid over-optimism.

Only use fields from the template that make sense in the context of your organization.


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