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  • Project identification - it repeats for all requests and assigns the request to the project context.
  • Request - Description of what we can be achieved by change, what caused the change and what are its benefits. It’s submitted by the customer - the change of the project objective or the person proposing the amendment, for example, technological improvements initiated by a team of contractors.
  • Request evaluation and change impact - Indication of the scope, budget, timing, required resources for handling the request.
  • Solution - How we want to implement the change, including estimates of effort and costs of the proposed solution. Processed by the contractor's professional team.
  • Approval - Opinion of the Steering Committee and its justification.
  • Signature table


The change should be approved both in terms of economic and technical consequences on the project. There is usually a Change Board of representatives of both the contractor and client set up to discuss and approve the change, reject or return it for revision, if there are doubts as to the proposed solution. The Change Board may also decide on the priority and time of change implementation.


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