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After the deadline to submit comments, the commented version of the minutes will be sent to all again and deposited with project documentation.


  • Basic information
  • Participants
  • Agenda - Predetermined list of discussed topics, distributed in advance of the hearing
  • Minutes - Documentation of important decisions, information and tasks from meetings
  • Tasks - Task records, including the due date. You update the status of the task list at every other meeting, completed tasks are marked grey and deleted at next meeting.
  • Signature clause - Optional, in case the parties request the printed minute and written confirmation.


  • Carefully prepare the agenda, discuss with other stakeholders and distribute prior the meeting.
  • Clear and accurate version of the minutes.
  • Do not record irrelevancies.
  • Alternatively, enter tasks in your "task tool".


Meeting Minutesdocx196.74 KB
  • We will send the downloads to your inbox after you fill in your email.

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