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Sample data in this template illustrate a typical project cost baseline which forms so called “S” curve.

Please fill up document header:

  • Project name
  • Responsible person
  • Date of the last update

Fill in the budget according to the model in the variant of a separate table for planned and actual costs (Project Budget sheet v1), or in one table (Project Budget sheet v2).


  • Item - short specification of the item.
  • The cost group is used to divide costs into individual categories according to the needs of the project or organization, eg: Personal; Contractor; Material; Other.
  • CAPEX / OPEX is a classification of Capital Expenditures and Operating Expenses.

After approving the budget, the items from the budget section will be transferred to the actual costs section, then record the actual costs on a monthly basis - applies to the Project Budget sheet v1.

If the project is progressing according to schedule, the fact should be equal to the budget.


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