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Business objective definitions make a positive impact on the entire organization, such as saving one employee in the order department. Business objectives may be met during a specific time interval, plus the objective may be affected by other factors such as growth in orders. Achieving business goals is therefore relatively difficult to prove at project completion.


  • Identification od the objective
    • ID - objektiv ID
    • Source - where the request for the goal arose (link to the workshop, document, request).
  • Specification
    • Description - clear description of the objective.
    • Metrics - how you know that the objective is met. What will be the output. Quantitative and qualitative evaluation.
    • Date of initiation
    • Owner - the person who defined the goal and to whom we will present the fulfilled goal
    • Importance - choose from a range of high, medium, low
  • Comments - used to record additional details or additional information from either the solver or the owner
    • Consultant (solver) comment
    • Owner's comment


  • Carefully define the key objectives, in case of ambiguity is solved with the project owner.
  • Objectives should be clearly defined so that there is no dispute about their fulfillment and concisely (this is not a detailed list of requirements, but key objectives).
  • At the end of the project or after its completion, the fulfillment of the original objectives should be verified.


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