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The RACI matrix (also responsibilities or competency matrix) records the relationships of team members to individual areas of work and with the designation of the type of responsibility according to the following list:

  • R - Responsible (does the job) - performs the task alone or in cooperation;
  • A - Accountable - the person responsible for the task as a whole. Sometimes also in the "Approver" variant
  • C - Consulted - the solution is consulted with him;
  • I - Informed - is informed about the solution and the course of work.

The template also lists the phases of the project in order to distinguish the responsibilities of individual members during the different phases of the project life cycle.

Note: Some organizations use a modified RASCI (RASIC) version of the array, which adds responsibility:

  • S - Supported - persons obliged to provide support in the performance of the task.


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