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We recommend that you first identify any requirements of all involved, then review them within the team or with the project sponsor and add priority. The solver then completes the estimates of effort and another round of joint revision and reduction of requirements can be performed. The requirements should correspond to the objectives of the project and those that do not contribute to those objectives should be excluded from the list.


  • Identification
    • ID - requirement id
    • Source - where you obtained the request
  • Specification 
    • Area - basic requirement classification
    • Requirement description  - a clear and concise description of the requirement - who, what and why requires
    • Acceptance criteria - jwhat will be the criteria for fulfilling the requirement
    • Entry date
    • Submitter - It is good practice to record the requester of the requirement
    • Priority - according to the classification "must have", "should have" and "nice to have".
  • Solution
    • Requirement type - fill in only if the requirements relate to an existing solution (change of an existing solution, problem - error of the existing solution, query - this requirement can be met by explaining the correct procedure).
    • Effort - Estimated workload of the solution - here in hours, possibility to adjust as needed on MD.
    • Status - selection from the basic status of request processing (the list can be modified) - "New", "Specified", "Implemented", "Tested", "On hold", "Solution accepted" and "Cancelled"
  • Comments - For recording further details by the solver and the owner
    • Owner comment
    • Solver comment


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