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The register provides an overview and important information about the project stakeholders, not only inside the organization, but also outside. The list also helps with the registration of communication strategies for individuals at different phases of the project.

Some information is very sensitive and it is necessary to consider recording it with regard to the possible sharing of the document.


  • ID - identification of the person - for example initials
  • Name,
  • Organizational position,
  • Project role - a description of the role the person plays in the project
  • Contacts - typically phone and email.
  • Group - auxiliary classification of persons:
    • Project team
    • Customer
    • Supplier
    • Regulator
    • Other internal
    • Other external
  • Main interests - briefly described the main needs and requirements of the interested person.
  • Worry - briefly described the main concerns of the person.
  • Power - numerical value 1-4. 4 is the highest power.
  • Interest - numerical value 1-4. 4 is the highest interest.
  • Strategy - proposal of a strategy of access to the interested person. It is calculated on the basis of the product of power and interest:
    • When the power and interest is greater than or equal to 3 → "MANAGE COSLY"
    • When the power is greater than or equal to 3 and at the same time the interest is less than 3 → "KEEP SATISFIED".
    • When the power is less than 3 and at the same time the interest is greater than or equal to 3 → "KEEP INFORMED"
    • Otherwise → "MONITOR".
  • Description of the communication strategy - clearly describe how the communication will be conducted to the person concerned. Including frequency
  • Preferred form of communication - description of the preferred form of communication to the person concerned.
  • Participation in the project phase - indicate (enter "1") which phase of the project the person in the given role participates in. It is thus possible to add different data for one person in different phases of the project. Four phases of the project are proposed:
    • Definition
    • Analysis
    • Delivery
    • Operation


The Stakeholder List is an output of the Stakeholder Identification process.

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