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A timesheet is useful if you do not report to an internal system. The template is suitable as an attachment for invoicing for self-employed persons.

We recommend making a new sheet for each time period (typically a month).

The template contains basic data:

  • Supplier - optionally the name of a pontential intermiediary - if you work indirectly, you do not need a field.
  • Consultant - your identification - usually your name or ID number.
  • Client - the name of the end client.
  • Responsible person - the person approving the statement of work.
  • Project- optionally identification of the project you are working on.
  • Period - the reporting period - typically a calendar month.
  • Individual reports - the following information is provided for each report.
    • Date - The date the activity was performed.
    • Activity description - detailed activity description - be precise and specific - follow the client's instructions - it must be clear to him from the description what you did - he also work with statement.
    • Number of man-days - volume of reported work. You can, of course, change it to man-hours, depending on which unit you use. Values are rounded to two decimal place. The template adds values.
    • Note - optionally a note on the record.
  • Other cost - it is possible to enter other costs in the template, which you agree with the client - typically travel costs. Each item states:
    • Date - the date the cargo was used.
    • Description of the cargo - a detailed description, a timesheet attachment can be a copy of a specific document to prove the real cargo .
    • Price in CZK - cargo value. The template adds values.
  • Approval of the statement - A clear recommendation on our part is to have the timesheet demonstrably approved  - the template privides for the printing and signing of the statement, but of course it is also possible to implement it differently.
    • Date of approval - the date of approval of statement.
    • The name - the name of approver - is taken from the responsible person field.
    • Signtature - space fort signing the statement.


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