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Project KPI

Key Performance Indicators. For each project, something different is essential. While for some projects the postponement of deadlines can mean a large loss or damage, for other projects the quality or price is more significant. Therefore, please take the instructions below as a guide. The report is suitable for projects in the fix time fix price mode.


Whether all deadlines are met

  • red shift of the project deadline by more than 20% (2 months) compared to the original deadline
  • yellow shift up to 20% compared to the original term
  • green no shift of terms


  • red over 10% of the project scope
  • yellow difference up to 10% of the project scope
  • green no difference in project scope


  • red over 10% of original budget
  • yellow difference up to 10% of the original budget
  • green no difference from the original budget


  • red serious risks - at risk project delivery
  • yellow less serious risks
  • green without major risks


  • red critical problems with the quality of delivery, preventing the completion of the project
  • yellow less critical problems, serious risks
  • green without problems in the quality of deliveries


  • red critical shortage of resources
  • yellow lack of resources
  • green resources are sufficient

The change in the status of individual indicators is evident from the difference between the previous and current value.

Comments on the current state

Verbal description of the project status. What was completed and what was not and the main reasons.

Main risks of the project

List of some of the most significant risks of the project. It is possible to refer to the risk catalog.


    List of some of the most important problems of the project. Can be replaced or expanded with a separate list of issdues on the project.

    Key milestone

    Description of the original milestones according to the project schedule.

    • Key milestones - name or their identification
    • Baseline due date - the date when the milestone was scheduled to end
    • Actual due date - when the milestone was actually completed
    • Expected due date - The current PM estimate for milestone completion
    • Status - completed, in progress, not started
    • Comment - add milestone information or PM comment.


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